Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Challenge - Art Journaling

My apologies for the silence here at Sherry's Cabin.  My dad is still in poor health, and I haven't had much leisure time.  I am currently working on some art projects for ladies going through cancer treatments.  God has had this on my heart for quite awhile now, and all of the details just haven't played out, yet.  I know they will in His timing.  This brings me to our Weekend Challenge in a round-about way!  I have journaled my entire life in one form or another...I should own stock in composition books!  There are those writers and artists who work page by page, like clockwork, to fill each journal....
   And then there are those people like me who start a journal, write awhile, put it on a shelf, find a new journal, dedicate it to some specific writing or drawing....forget what it's dedicated for and write the grocery list in it....get another journal....surely I'm not the only half-cocked journal junkie out I?

One of the art lessons for the the workshop is on art journaling.  There are endless ways to creatively journal, and I don't even attempt to call myself an expert on art journaling; I do, however, know how to spend time with God and how to be thankful for blessings that rain down on me every day.   I know our art journey this year is to be "Movers and Shakers" for God's Kingdom.  Sometimes that requires us to spend some time on ourselves.  God never told you to ignore yourself, hate yourself, mistreat yourself - many of the things some do in trying to think and do for others.
To be on fire for God, you need some fuel - some time with Him.  This leads us to our challenge!

Weekend Challenge:

Begin a new Art Journal.  It can be a purchased journal, or loose pages you later bind together.  Dedicate this journal to thankfulness, blessings, and scriptures that speak to your heart.  There's no time-frame, no number of entries, and no artistic musts.  It's about spending time being appreciative of the blessings in your life - big and small.  Did you have running water for a shower today?  How about heat?  Did you eat?  Talk?

Getting the picture?  We are blessed.  Each page should capture your thoughts for the day - positive, thankful thoughts.  Keep the woe-is-me thoughts for another journal...or better yet, forget about them all together.  What a heart-warming lift this would be at the end of the year to see all of the wonders God worked in your life over the year - the grand and the everyday that we take for granted.

My Work-in-Progress:

The beginnings of my page here may seem quite odd at the moment - bald and faceless, but I've only just begun!

What are you thankful for?  
Share a journal page with us!  
We'd love to see what God is doing you your life!

Journal Page Update:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Watercolor pencils - A New Joy in my Life

I think God must have dropped watercolor pencils into my life.  In fact, the set I started using a couple of months ago had been in my pencil box for years without use.  They are a creative quick-fix!  With all that is needing my attention in life at the moment, the time spent in my craft room is short - no hours for sculpting or layering acrylics.
How are the watercolor pencils different, you ask?  You did ask, didn't you?  Well, they are fast and colorful.  They seem to be full of cheer without being caught up in minute details (which is, by the way, where I am entangled most of my life).
Yesterday I was able to scribble a flower with the pencils in the morning, left it without having to care for it, and splashed it with my brush last night to spill out the color.  I actually over-watered the flower and got it a bit muddied, but that's ok, too; as it's just a piece of paper with some pencil scribbles - nothing lost if the whole thing goes in File 13.

I've since bought a couple more boxes of pencils and some singles since I first started playing with them.  They are relatively cheap, too!  That's always a bonus.  I have found there are definite differences in the quality of different brands, but I'll save that for another post.
...and another great feature....I am absolutely clueless as to how they are supposed to be used, and I can still make art with them!  I am sure there are countless videos and lessons on how to use these little guys correctly, but why spoil the fun.  If you've not tried watercolor pencils, and you need a quick art fix, give them a try!

Thank you, Lord, for still allowing the art to escape from me while meeting life's present demands.  My God is an awesome God!   

So, what's on your work table this morning?  
We'd love to hear about it!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The First Signs of Spring - Stop and Look Around!

As you move about this Saturday morning, I hope you are rested and enjoying the day.  What lens are you looking through this morning?  The one that is focused on your pile of problems?  The one that is focused on all of the things you have to do?  Well, I've got some words of wisdom for you...

I've looked through those other lenses lately, and they are worthless.  I may not be world-renowned, but I have an artist's heart.  God put it there, and I'm glad because I'm always watching for the new paintings He's creating on His canvas.  Refocus your lens today and look for the signs of spring that are popping up around us.  God has already started dripping dabs of color!  I snapped these this past week-

The vultures are back, too!  I'm supposing you never thought of that as a beautiful thing...or even thought of it, for that matter.  They showed up just down the road a few weeks ago, and it brought a smile to my face.  You see, as they show up on the scene, other signs of spring are sure to follow.  We're on the count down, folks...twelve days and counting!  

So, what lens are you going to spend your day looking through?  The one focused on your problems...or the one focused on God?  I'll give you a hint of which one I chose this morning - it comes with peace, joy, strength, and an amazing color palette!

Happy Saturday!

Leave us a comment, and let us know what is in your lens today.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekend Challenge- 29 Faces Finishes Up!

With my dad's health, I wasn't able to finish 29 faces in the challenge this month, but I was able to do a few. My challenge to you this weekend incorporates my last finished face. The scanner would not pick up the watercolor and acrylics in this mixed-media very well.


Choose a scripture that speaks to your heart.  A message that others need to hear, as well. Paint a picture that embodies the scripture, and incorporate the scripture into your painting. Send me an email with a photo, and we'll share your scripture here!

My little girl is a watercolor done from a photo of a homeless child.  We need to remember what we do for the least of these, we do for Him.  

What are you doing for Him today?

Be sure to share with us, and leave a comment!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Challenge – 29 Faces Continues

I hope you have joined in on the 29 Faces of February Challenge!  It is a great way to stretch your creativity, and for those on a budget, it's virtually free to play!

Weekend Challenge

Find the brightest colors in your box… crayons, markers, paints, whatever you have... create a face for the challenge.

No holds barred – splash that color!  Think of all the colors of spring, and splash them on your page!  

Now of course here's the best part – think of a way to make someone else's day with your artwork!  Here's a little watercolor I splashed last night.

Come on, share with us. What's the most creative way you can brighten someone's day with this challenge piece?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Challenge Takes on the 29 Faces Challenge for the Month of February!

It's late Sunday evening, and we've had a long weekend with my dad back in the hospital.  I know God has a plan for every moment of our lives, but it is so hard to watch him suffer.  Thanks to friends and family for the many prayers that are being prayed.

On the art side of things, I finally remembered the 29 Faces Art Challenge before the 28th day of the challenge!  If you're up for it, just tap on the button on the sidebar.  A face a day for the entire month of February.


Join us for the 29 Faces Challenge!  Now, of course, I must challenge you to use that to be fruitful!

  • Create a face a day this week!
  • Make at least one of the faces a drawing, painting, etc. - 2D
  • Scan your work.
  • Grab some notecard blanks, some decorative paper, and some ribbon.
  • Print some copies of your faces onto cardstock.
  • Think of inspirational words or scripture that would be uplifting to others.
  • Get busy and make some awesome cards!
Once you've done the work, now it's time to share.  You could write notes to friends and send the cards, or better yet, make a gift set of cards to give to someone just because...

So, how have my 29 Faces started?
I already started a little behind, as I forgot about the Challenge until today.  That's ok, though...I did a super, quick little 'toon sketch that really should have hit File 13 and did a pencil sketch of an Indian chief.  With time being short, I made a couple of rules for myself today - work quick and leave the eraser on the bench!  This is what came to be...

 And my "cheater" face to get caught up!!

May God's Word be a Lamp to your feet this week!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Artful Blogging - What Inspire's You?

As I was flipping through the latest Artful Blogging Magazine looking at all of the beautiful photos and blogs, I found myself once again wishing my photography looked like some of those.
I had to remind myself that God doesn't want us to compare ourselves to others.  Our value is found in Him, and Him alone.  Then I thought a little more about those exquisite photos...not one of them screamed my name.  As beautiful as they are, none of those photos would inspire me to change who I am.  I would not have captured a single one of them through my camera lens.
If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you've never seen a crisp white kitchen, girls in dresses running through fields, or richly colored berries pouring from a bowl.  Chances aren't likely you ever will!
What speaks to me is what will find it's way to my camera lens.  Those moments in time that whisper my name will eventually pour themselves onto my blog.
My book reads a little differently than the floral arrangements and the beach scenes, but, to me, it's an interesting read....
Through my lens....
It's well-worn...


And could tell many stories...

What is your story?  Share a glimpse with us!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Creative Challenge - Break Out the Camera

Are you creating with us?  Are you using your gifts to make a difference for God's Kingdom or to give Him glory?  If you haven't already joined our journey, it's not too late!  We kicked off at the New Year, so you have plenty of time to participate.  Let's have some fun with a new challenge this week!


  • Capture God's Beauty around you.
  • Break out the camera and put on your artistic eyeglasses!
  • Find something unique or interesting, or just plain beautiful, to photograph.
  • Take a bunch of pictures - zoomed, odd angles, zoomed pieces of the scene, etc.
  • Apply some photo apps or Photoshop to give the photo some pizzazz if needed!
  • Now, decide how you could use this photo artistically!  Mixed media, framed, sketched and painted, background paper, scrapbooking......
  • Bless someone with your new creation!
You don't always have to have a paintbrush in your hand to create art.  You might just need a camera lens!  The fact of the internet world is we must always be honing our photography skills because that's usually the only way folks see our work.  That's an area I REALLY need to work on, so why not make it a challenge!

Let's take a look at the photos I shot for this post!

First - junky background...slightly out of focus....and poor lighting...YUCK!

By the way, I am a master of bad photography!

...tried a filter...still YUCK!

...changed the angle, the filter, the background, and zoomed in...
That was the same poor lighting, but I was holding a piece of white paper to the right of the camera to reflect some light.  Still not amazing, but so much better!
I then took it several times with different filters -

Go ahead, give it a try, and share!!

What did you find that caught your eye around you?  Please share with us!  You can email the photo to me, and you might just be featured on the blog!  Be sure to share any techniques you used to enhance the photo, too!

May God Bless you with lots of beauty to behold!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Finish - On Friday!! Watercolor Ladybug is Done! Give Away!!

I was happy to finish the little ladybug I was working on last night just in time to use for a little something for a friend!  Here she is -

I'm feeling spring in the air ( or maybe wishing), and I'm trying to get some of you up and, I'm feeling a Give-Away coming on!  I've been in the watercolor card making spirit, and I've designed several note card sets with my watercolor prints on the card front.

I'm giving away a set of the winner's choice!!!  So, how do you win?  Leave a comment on this blog telling us what you're creating.  That's it!  Your name is in the drawing!  If you participated in one of the challenges I've posted for the new year, email me a picture, and you're in again!  Tell us how you've used your art for God's glory in the new year, and you're in AGAIN!!  Who knows, I might even give away two sets!

So, what's on your worktable?  Did you have a Friday Finish?

Enjoy the Weekend!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ladybugs and Blessings

First let me say it has been a fabulous birthday, and I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty....the blog world.  Yes, I'm a part of it, and yes, I love those blogs with gorgeous pictures, and those well-planned posts.  You know the ones - Tutorial Tuesday, Work Table Wednesday, Friday Freebies....and those posts always appear just as expected.  I was going to be that blog....really, I was...but it just doesn't play out that way.  So here's the deal - Friday Finish might be on Thursday or Sunday.  Tuesday Tutorial might be on Saturday afternoon....that's just the way I roll, so maybe catchy titles aren't a good thing for me!

That being said, I'm working on the work table tonight, and I'm playing with water colors again.  I'm not sure what the intrigue is.  Those that know me know how much I love the Christmas season, but when it's done, I'm ready for spring!  I'm in for skipping the rest of winter- just bring on the bugs and the sunshine!  

I have spring on my mind this evening, and started sketching and dabbing a little paint here and there on this ladybug-

I love ladybugs.  They are so strikingly beautiful against the more muted colors of the foliage.  I have to stop and admire each time I see one.  God really did create a stunning little creature!  Ladybugs remind me of people who are always blessings in my life.  No matter how many times they appear, how many blessings they bring to my life, I have to stop and admire them each time I see them.  They, too, are God's stunning creations, so to all the ladybugs in my life, thank you!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Watercolor Practice with a Purpose - Friday Finish...on Sunday..whoops!

Are you with me?  Have you been creating every day?  Let us hear from you!

So, I didn't get my Friday Finish done on time.  It's past my bedtime, but I wanted to share another pair of boots that I painted in watercolors with some added inked lines.  I am not a watercolor person, but they've been of interest to me lately.  I really don't think I'm using them correctly, but that's OK.  I'm staying under the radar of the paint police!

Our upcoming Cowgirls in Christ of West Texas Cowgirl Gatherin' is coming March 1st, 2014.  Can you guess the theme?

Weekend Challenge - Trash to Treasure...Reclaim It!

I hope you have enjoyed the weekend, and you will soon be on your way to worship the Lord this morning.  I hope you are creating every day!

The Challenge:

  • Find a piece of "trash" that really should have been thrown away, but you have hung on to it for some odd reason.
  • You are now on a rescue mission!
  • Decide how you will save this piece...will it become a doll piece, a candle holder, a component for mixed media, a wall hanging, a door stop, a canvas, a...?
  • If you don't have anything calling to you, head out to the Thrift Store.  
  • Get to it!  Turn that find into a reclaimed piece of art!
So what did I choose?  A find from CIA Thrift Store!  Normally I would wait for the 50% off sale, but I paid the full $3.99 for my treasure.  It's an old spice rack that is coming apart on one side and the top.

Mine is going to be more of a functional treasure than an artistic one, but, hey, we're making up the rules as we go!  

Be sure to leave us a comment sharing your rescue mission.  Now get to creating!  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Challenge - It's OK to Color Outside the Lines!

I'm glad you've stopped by for the first challenge.  There's no backing out now!  If you've joined me for the art journey this year, here's your chance to break out of the box.

The Challenge:

  • Choose a medium that you've never tried, or one you've just dabbled in a little bit.
  • Check out some how-to videos.  There are so many great artists that are willing to share!
  • Pick a person to create for - this will give you some direction, and you'll bless someone at the same time!
  • Gather what you need, and, remember, you can make beautiful pieces on a budget.
  • Create ART!!!!
So, what did I choose?  Mixed media.  I am, by no means, a mixed media artist.  In fact, the one piece I've made is really just a painted canvas with a few pieces of paper stuck to it.  Jeanne Oliver creates beautiful mixed media art and has shared some wonderful videos.  If you've not found her site for artists, you should drop by!  One of her tutorials is on creating a vintage girl in mixed media.  I chose to go Victorian for a friend's sewing room.
Here's what I've found out about myself so far...
  • My art is precise - neat, square, and accurately detailed....not always a good thing.
  • I don't like to cover up my background after I've created it.
Here's a peek at the work-in-progress-

So far, I've done a background of old sewing advertisements, covered it with sewing pattern paper, sketched and painted the vintage woman with acrylics, added some old thread labels, used some watercolor and charcoal pencils, and added some flowered paper.  
It's a far cry from the layers of beauty of true mixed media artists, but I'm forcing myself to keep adding.  I wish I had taken a picture of the first time I said, "Ok, I'm done."  I didn't realize how truly flat my first version was.  The more I color and dab stuff on, the more I'm liking her.
What I've learned....
     there's power in letting go of perfection.  I'll never achieve it anyway...
                  ...and the the art Nazis didn't show up when I colored outside the lines!

So, what will you choose?  Go ahead, leave us a comment!

Mixed Media UPDATE:
   Ok, I'm done...really, this time I'm done!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Finish - That's the Goal Anyway!

Here we are in the new year.  Have you been creating every day?  If you haven't, it's not too late to start.  I will be releasing more info on our creative journey this weekend.  I have found I am not quite the video host I thought I was...oh well, you'll be the one that has to watch it!  :) 

So, I've been planning features for the blog, and Friday Finish seemed to have a ring to it.  My goal, you ask (you did, didn't you?), is to have a finished piece by Friday to share, and I would love to see your finished piece, too, so be sure to email it to Sherry's Cabin - the link is on the side-bar.  Who knows, you might even be featured for a Friday Finish!

I can't say she's completely finished because I want to frame her in wood strips, but the painting is done.  I toned down the sky with some antiquing, and I like her much more.  Here's the folk art angel that's been on the work table-

How can you bless someone today with your creativity?  Share a comment, and leave some awesome ideas!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Are You Up for a Journey?

Welcome 2014!  It is the beginning of a fantastic year, and I hope you will join me on the journey.  It is going to be exciting and challenging.  Creating by God's Grace - that's what I do, and I would like you to join me this year.  Let's create every day....yes, every day!  Even if it's just a two minute doodle on a notepad.  Are you up for it?  I've been creating behind the scenes today, but I'm not quite ready to reveal it just yet.  I'll fill you in a little more in the coming days.  Who's willing to take the risk on an artistic adventure?